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Forward momentum stems to drop the textile industry:

In 2013, China's textile industry to achieve a good start. 1 to 2 months, China's textile enterprises above designated size achieved sales output value of 830.2 billion yuan, an increase of 13%, sales rate of 98%, cotton textile printing and dyeing industry output growth of 15.7%, better than the industry average.

Although there has been a good momentum, but the development of the cotton textile industry still faces enormous challenges. 2 to 3 days in April 2013, the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, four of the fourth expansion of the Council held in Beijing. In the current market environment, how to adapt to changes in the market, to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, the adjustment of product structure, to become industry leaders, experts and entrepreneurs to explore how to improve the central topic in the construction of branding, marketing, internal management.

Situation in the industry tends to be positive

Zhu North Na, China Cotton Textile Industry Association, pointed out that despite the lack of international demand, both inside and outside the spread of cotton is huge and rising costs and many other negative factors facing the industry in 2012, but the enterprise through the adjustment of product structure, industry technology upgrading and elimination of outdated equipment and other measures, the industry as a whole smooth operation. In particular, some excellent enterprises according to the market situation, the rapid adjustment of product structure and business model, improve labor productivity, reduce the costs breakthrough to promote the sustainable development of the whole industry.

2012 by weaker demand, both inside and outside the spread of cotton continued to influence textile industry operating blocked, the limited production of the different levels of shut down, reduce the consumption of raw materials of cotton, yarn production fell. 2012, faced with the difficult market situation, the textile industry continued to invest in strengthening technological innovation, effectively improve the labor productivity by increasing the degree of automation equipment. Industry speed up structural adjustment, industrial upgrading and show results. Track 200 key enterprises of the China Cotton Textile Industry Association data show that in 2012 the overall operation quality and efficiency decreased as compared to 2011, but deceleration monthly narrowed, the industry is running at the end of the year steady rise gradually.

Wang Wei, deputy director of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Consumer Goods Industry at the meeting also pointed out that since the fourth quarter of last year, China's cotton textile industry has picked up some, start better than last year. Wang Wei, the textile industry to maintain a good start there are two main factors, Textile external environment overall better than last year, become more active in global trade, driven by the growth of textile and garment trade; new government on the reform and development of new requirements, will further stimulate the vitality of market players; narrow the spread of cotton at home and abroad, to help alleviate the pressure of the textile industry. From the development of the industry internal factors, the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry has made progress, the basic transformation of the textile industry continued to strengthen the textile industry continuous, automated, high-speed was significantly improved, including cotton spinning industry, the main business income per capita from $ 44 million in 2010 / person up to $ 64 million in 2012 /; succeeded in restructuring the proportion of domestic demand continued to grow. Since 2008, the tight environment for the development of the textile industry, along with increasing the degree of structural adjustment, capital, raw materials, labor, policy advantages to focus on large and medium-sized enterprises, the backbone of the industry's competitiveness will increase markedly.

Development problem persists

Into the "12th Five-Year", the textile industry to a critical period of transformation and adjustment, the average annual fiber processing volume growth is slowing down, the industry entered a rapid growth stage of transformation and upgrading. Wang Wei pointed out that the cotton textile industry has started development in the positive direction, but the industry still exist some problems can not be ignored.

First, rising labor costs, the textile industry, the average wage is less than the average of the manufacturing sector, rising labor costs during a certain period of time will become a long-standing problem. Resource constraints, the cost of the cotton-growing high-yield, in order to ensure the safety of the cotton industry, the state has taken various measures to stabilize cotton production, before the introduction of the new policy, the domestic cotton price is higher than the international cotton situation in a short time difficult to change. Limited by arable land, natural fiber the difficult production growth, conventional varieties of chemical fiber industry, the oil resource constraints, production there will not be a large change, but will be high quality, differentiated, functional, high-performance fiber proportion increase in biomass fiber will increase. There are many factors of uncertainty textile exports, although this year is off to a good start, but in fact are still many uncertain factors, China's major export market demand has not significantly increased, the transfer of market orders is difficult to reverse, Vietnam, Bangladesh traditional markets in Europe and the United States of the share on the rise, the overall situation is not optimistic. Fourth, energy saving and environmental protection arduous task.

Mailyard futures Lv Xiaopeng concluded textile enterprises are facing the problem raised, the textile industry is currently difficult macroeconomic environment bigger improvement downstream consumption is expected to dull still; tight macroeconomic policy, both inside and outside the spread of cotton in 2013 is still maintained higher bit run; The increase in operating costs. Lv Xiaopeng suggested that cash is king, companies to keep operating liquidity; procurement of raw materials with the use to buy stocking Yahuo; sales quotas, to ensure smooth delivery; pre-assessment of operational risks, preventive measures; using the new tools, futures hedging, financing, procurement, optimize business performance.

To solve problems focusing adjustment

Wang Wei, the industry's future development is the core of the restructuring, the cotton textile industry with special emphasis on aspects of work: First, speed up technological progress, equipment update and expand the promotion and application of new technology, new equipment, a substantial increase product quality. The second is the adjustment of product structure, changing the proportion of raw materials, and vigorously tap chemical fiber industry advantage. The third is to strengthen the brand and quality construction. Price fluctuations in the entire yarn, the Wuxi textile companies master the voice and pricing, mainly because of their own brands, so the spinning enterprises should also have brand awareness. Fourth is to strengthen the integration of industrialization and information technology, information technology industrial development accelerator, to improve the production of intelligent, energy utilization, the management of the level of grassroots and marketing information, and speed up the integration of the two, is to improve the quality of the textile industry, effective important entry point. The fifth is to strengthen the management innovation and experience and promotion. Large cotton textile enterprises in Wuxi cotton, Anhui Huamao explore strategic transformation, culture shaping, information management, model innovation, provide useful experience for the industry to achieve sustainable development, improve the comprehensive competitiveness.

At the meeting, industry Qilu Hong Textile Group Co., Ltd. introduced the experience of enterprises to adjust product structure. Hongye Textile pure cotton knitting yarn quality high-grade class, but belong to the conventional mainland varieties, limited profit margins. Especially in recent years, the domestic cotton market ups and downs, seriously affected the textile industry, especially single enterprise for the production of cotton products. After adjustments, the industry Qilu Hong Textile identified product features a high proportion of non-cotton fiber with new fiber blended yarn, wool, linen, silk, velvet as the main raw material, the content ratio of the ring spinning process to produce more than 50% blended yarn, wool, linen, silk spinning formation of the advantages of different styles of products. At present, the functionality, the proportion of differentiated products accounted for more than 80% of the total product, the profit contribution rate of 98%.

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