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The four main themes to lead the new trend - 2014 spring summer textile fabric trends released

March 27, 2013 to 29, the 19th China International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories (Spring) Fair (intertextile face accessories exhibition) opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. After 19 years of development, China International Apparel Fabrics and Accessories Fair continue to strengthen in-depth exhibition features and upstream and downstream seamless service concept of "window", "link", "platform", and continue to improve, enhance, bringing the year textile professional event.

March 27 to 29, the spring and summer of 2014, China's textile and fabric trends released again in intertextile face accessories exhibition debut. After years of development, the Chinese textile fabric trends released in intertextile face accessories exhibition reflects its irreplaceable boot trend value, while also continuing to use their influence and spread of power play an active trade value and promotion effect.

Current intertextile fabric show the trend area located in the China International Exhibition Center (Old Library) 1A Museum Layer 2 and 8A Museum, with a total area of ​​nearly 300 square meters. 473 from show exhibitors and stand for election "Fabrics China in the spring and summer of 2014 award-winning enterprise, more than 6250 kinds of new fabrics, accessories sample scene rendering, international fashion information dissemination and fabric trends show as the main content, combined with lifestyle, market consumption, popular color, typical fabrics, as well as possible future popular design style theme show.

This spring and summer of 2014, China's textile and fabric trends released divided into "flu", "cross", "new substances", "sugar-coated" four themes, emphasizing positive Exploration and Reflection things of multi-faceted understanding and promote social development an important driving force, passed in a reasonable diversity of the world, the different geographical and cultural differences are respected, but interdependent and complementary subtle links between seemingly contradictory things, multi-dimensional characteristics of the importance of new things characteristics, rich and changing the mindset of the people.


The development of science and technology continue to bring new sensory stimulation, thanks to the touch technology development and application of visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory and other sensory experience in their daily lives are increasingly intertwined to form a multi-dimensional, experience more dynamic space. Space exploration and interaction with the development of technology, futuristic exhibit more profound and simple, resulting in a forward-looking streamlined beauty.

Water blue, light lilac and aqua with transparent and subtle changes, emotional light pink hue distribution of fresh breath, with pure plain Hue, delicate and precise, non-ferrous metals sense of the impact of the transfer order the entire set of The color is more clear.

Transparent and opaque fabrics, fresh taffeta, ultra-lightweight nylon, a smooth elastic film, sports wool fabric, adhesive sports mesh and openwork fabric, ultra-fine needle pitch knitting, paper poplin sense of plastic coated layer, color metallic luster and corrugated, compact small jacquard yarn-dyed combination of cellular structure and laminated grid, three-dimensional sense of relief embossing, hologram and mirror printing.

[New material]

Sound sustainable development in the season emphasis on the "substance" of concern. Based on the concept to maintain restraint and slowing down, pay more attention on the side of "substance" in-depth knowledge and cherished, through different viewing angle and means of discovery and change the shape and appearance of the original material, giving the familiar things of everyday life new function definition, resulting in the new substances.

Quiet and natural light blonde, gray olive green gray outline the contours fuzzy cinnamon, sun and brown and gray rock with a soothing sense of security, the entire set of soft and rustic tones Valley yellow, amber gold, etc. reconcile and refreshing.

Rustic linen or cotton blended fabric, matt or polished cotton, the color tablets junction tannins functional tannins, plant dyeing, uneven surface wrinkled processing, glossy and foil coating, fuzzy Plaid and mixing effect uneven staining and local bleaching, gradient, dip printing, weathered appearance.


Pop Art in the 1960s, the hippies of the 1970s and early Miami style, the artistic style of a different era and culture in new ways mixed and interpretations, to create a comprehensive, embellished sense of visual effects. Balkans long history and culture, and folk art by more and more attention, pure craftsmanship combined with modern elements of modern, showing infinite charm.

Rich and retro decorative colors to create a positive atmosphere, the perfect fusion of warm auburn elegant neutral color, saturation rose red and orange, tile blue contrast to create a sense of depth, deep purple and purplish dark blue will continue.

Thin tweed, cotton or cotton blend seersucker, Matra, silk fabric and brocade, floral or abstract Jacquard, tropical floral patterns, eye-catching color blocks mix and match, scroll printing, composite folk weave, camouflage patterns, embroidery beaded and an etching effect.


Chaotic and orderly saturated colors and dark color highlights the theme tone, vitality and provocative bright pink and cool gray with fantastical effects, exquisite and attractive pastel color with dark red, bright yellow convey beyond the personality charm . Cascading flowing chiffon, double-knit or satin, psychedelic printing and exaggerated personality graffiti. "Sugar-coated" fully demonstrated the younger generation of multiple faces at the same time expressing fresh and sweet and rebellious uninhibited. Sweet candy-like appearance, both freedom and joy, but also hidden sophistication and ridicule.


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