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Indonesian textile prices of electricity wage growth increased by 10

Indonesia's textile and textile products entrepreneurs complain that due to rising production costs, they will raise the price of the product by 10%. These production costs they must bear This is because electricity, wages growth. The government phased upgrading of the electricity price by 15%. Surat Chatwin, president of the Indonesian Textile Association (API), revealed a series of high production costs reduce the competitiveness of Indonesia house products on the domestic and international markets.

Soutra Chatwin said: "Our sales price increased 10%. His life, entrepreneurs seeking to improve efficiency to reduce the high cost of production. However, entrepreneurs can not take drastic measures, such as reducing the number of workers.

Soutra Chatwin efficiency measures taken by the entrepreneurs, for example, to other parts of the re-arrangement of the factory, and factory area first low-wage areas, but is also considering other factors such as electricity, water, communications costs.

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