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Thank you very much for every friend who pays attention to Yuvis Textile. Thanks to your understanding, trust, care and support, Yuvis Textile has developed steadily. Yuvis Textile will not be burdened with trust, insist on innovation and progress in the textile industry, overcome the difficulties of science and technology, to rejuvenate the country and achieve a new era of glory. In this process, we have not had the slightest slackiness, and we have always interpreted the “product-oriented and trust-based” in a spirit of gratitude and professionalism.

        We have established the enterprise spirit of “unity, development, dedication, and forging ahead”. We have adopted world-standard technical equipment, borrowed advanced management experience, and gradually placed ourselves at the forefront of China’s textile industry in terms of technology, scale, and management, serving the society. Work hard with the people, start from scratch, start from ourselves to enhance our products and services, and build a people-oriented harmonious enterprise and society.

        We will continue to move towards internationalization to provide our international pride and value orientation with international quality textile products and services. Our belief is “to be product-oriented and to trust people” and has been striving to fulfill such an oath: to pass on value honor, trust and respect, and mission commitment to employees; to convey equality and cooperation, sincere and mutual benefit to partners, and to provide quality services. True sentiment is passed on to the society; we continue to uphold the quality tenet of “Quality Assurance with Good Quality”. In order to serve the community and serve the public, my colleagues and I will be diligent and committed!

We are willing to join hands with all our friends to forge ahead in unity and create a better future!

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