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"Wujiang private enterprises" interview letter goods textile technology chairman Shen Jianguo

                                        Shen Jianguo: to the quality of the market, go to the credibility of the world

           ------visit Wujiang Pinxin Textile Science and technology limited company chairman Shen Jianguo

        In the "sunrise 10000, clothing world" of silk are Shengze, the size of the textileenterprises have more than 1600, in which many textile enterprises, both as a constant, Sheng Hong such industry "Big Mac" also has a large number of in eachcategory as "outstanding enterprises little giant", a Wujiang goods the letter Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is one of. Goods letter was founded ten years ago, inventive,specializing in the umbrella fabric -- to fashion, personalized theme, walked out of adifference for the development of the enterprise of the road, especially in the past two years, the textile industry downturn, goods letter to own advantage all the way forward, to become the industry leader.

      Recently, the author came to the Shengze Zhen Nan Ma community productscompany, interviewed Shen Jianguo of president of company.

"With the market trend of more and more high, our company started the umbrella clothfabric positioning in the fashion line." Speaks of the company's positioning, Shen Jianguo a look of confidence. I'm not familiar with the founding and Shen, though I have long-term work in Shengze, but in a few years ago I left Shengze and began tohear his enterprise, always wanted to have a chance to visit, the trip finally. See, Shen Jianguo was not a particularly good talk about people, even a little shy, a "70" after the success of the venture entrepreneur confidence is the best annotation.

In 2011 October, the company has been China goods letter Textile Industry Association awarded the "national textile product development base", "nationalumbrella fabric development base", "China outdoor fabric color research and development base" title, the title is Shen's characters on the company made the roof,so that the way we can see the logo products the letter, this letter is product strength of the witness.

From imitation to innovation and inventive "leading fashion umbrella" concept, from the initial sales of less than 30000000 yuan last year exceeded 200000000 yuan,these "fancy cloth" with goods letter strode up the transformation and upgrading ofthe road.

With the innovative leader in peer

A pale blue cloth, weaving the roses, the same color lace decoration around in the flowers, very elegant, just as its name -- "Mei Ying contained sweet". This is just aproduct of many umbrella fabric. Clothing festival, goods letter booth attracted manybuyers stop. Comment on the fabric purchasers gold Jinhua caresses fabric pointfrom Zhejiang: "in addition to quality, we pay more attention to product innovation capability of fabric manufacturers, product letter fabric is very chic, enough to attract people."

The shading rate as high as 99% of the candy color shade fabric, composite fabriclace and shading cloth together, wire embroidered cloth fabric...... The letter into theproduct showroom, almost everyone will marvel at the sight of umbrella cloth fabric of the novel variety.

"How could not make cloth?" This is Shen Jianguo's most often in the mouth of a word.In 2006, when a purchaser complained to do "chameleon" fabric manufacturers do not find at home, only high priced imports, he escape one's lips is this sentence.

At that time the textile enterprises in domestic trouble and foreign invasion beganplanning in transition, do underwear started as Shen Jianguo have been recognized:"rely on cheap fabric run substitutability is too strong, sooner or later have to be eliminated!" With seeking new markets urgent and indomitable spirit, Shen Jianguo seek to the fabric, and the team after many setbacks, R & D and production of their own "chameleon", also be one foot into the umbrella fabric market.

Such a start seemed to make goods letter was born, portable with bold innovationgene, dare to break through the restrictions and fetters: the underwear into the umbrella surface, to be able to perform wonders most common fabric, try to let theunthinkable becomes reality. "Umbrella style goods letter now each year up to more than 200, in the design of the weekly meeting, everyone must come up with dozens ofpatterns, each pattern is equipped with several sets of color." The R & D departmentdesigner Chen Jianmei told reporters.

"This figure is hung on two years ago, at a time when many people question how can such a strange color pop?" A picture of Shen Jianguo pointed to the sample roomwall, pictures of the coloring is the most popular color this year. Last year, goods letterwas added to Chinese Fashion Colour Association executive director of the unit, and has become one of the participants in establishing the national standard of umbrella cloth quality.

With an accurate grasp of fashion color and continuous innovation, productinformation now has become a lot of peer imitation object. "But we are not afraid ofimitation, because we have never stopped the pace of innovation." Shen Jianguo said,the secret letter goods lies in the fact that, when the imitator follow suit, goods letterturn, the introduction of new products, "imitation also prompted us to constantly innovate."

"Fashion umbrella propped up the sky" win-win

"I hope one day, Metrosexual fashionista out according to wear clothes decided to take what kind of umbrella." "Fashion umbrella", is Shen Jianguo to the positioning of the product in the fierce competition in the market. But when the before and after 2008, Shen Jianguo first proposed this idea to partners, partners are not interested.

Shen Jianguo One's blood boils with indignation. one one "lobby": "the traditional priceumbrella the profit space is small, the substitutability strong. Like the design of clothing design in the future as the umbrella surface, the money." Said dry dry, Shen Jianguo quickly set up their own design team, began to

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