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"Foreign trade" clothing mostly be more in name than in reality.

Seeing the weather warms up, can finally take off clothes under a heavy. The girls also have been unable to go to the beauty of the heart, Amoy few pieces of beautiful clothes. Many of the girls will have to be very careful in reckoning in foreign trade shops, to buy the higher price of the foreign trade of clothing. Is shopping Miss Ma told reporters, this year has been to Amoy a lot of "booty": "I often and friends go out to Sijiqing foreign trade clothing, foreign trade market, also to the Xiaoshan Street shop to Amoy, also in the online purchase."

High quality and inexpensive, foreign trade clothing popular among young people, many people are willing to pay for it. However, some people may ask, original products on the market have really so much?

"Foreign trade" that is "more export single-tail"

"Current market sales' Gucci 'refers to the number of foreign brands in China factory production, but because of various reasons were brands' rejection of domestic products.'." An industry source told this reporter, but the "single" is for production of exceed customer requirements or the number of Customs of surplus, retention, slight defect part of the product and production process. For example, if 10000 pieces of products customers need, OEM enterprises will do more to prepare for possible period of want or need, so do the part is the last single.

Reporters yesterday visited some foreign trade shop I area, found some under the banner of trade shop business is pretty good, and the foreign trade clothing prices are also very attractive. In a "foreign trade shop, the reporter saw the majority of" spring conjoined dress price in 80 - 120 yuan between, some sweaters price is 50 - 80 yuan, and even some coats in one hundred yuan of the following.

In a small corner of the culture of the road, the reporter saw a modest trade store. Walked into the shop, the boss warmly recommended to reporters: "I sell here are foreign trade clothing, quality is absolutely superb." The points at which a red man plaid shirt, the boss said: "you see this dress is Tommy Hill Feig, counters selling 500 yuan, I am here to sell 180 yuan of money." When a reporter asked about the clothes is it right? Xiaoshan foreign trade enterprise production, the boss said, trade list very difficult to take, usually need someone to have the goods.

The reporter search keywords "Lv" in Taobao, search a surprising number, click on the 3558101 baby, most of which are clothes, but the price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Click a value 39.99 yuan, shorts, size is very wide, from 24 yards to 31 yards are also more than 700 pieces, inventory.

Foreign trade enterprises: how so many export "legacy"?

So, foreign trade enterprises how Gucci clothing? "The whole single returned to is almost no, because we and customers also have the cooperation for many years, in the material, process and quality will not have any problem, so almost all there is no list of foreign trade turns sale in domestic market." Said the staff I a garment processing trade enterprises to reporters, foreign buyers is the strict requirements on the quantity and quality requirements are, strictly controlled within 3%, and even some brand merchants will take more than a single and rejects all recovery go.

"Single-tail is there will be, but the number of very few." This personage says to the reporter, they usually enterprise will do, if encountered quality problems or deal with. "Could not have so many single or single products, brands can be held corporate responsibility, if marriage is not a small number. I think, the order of enterprises especially large enterprises will not take the risk." In the eyes of the people, the original is some imitation goods. Person in charge of a sweater of foreign trade enterprises have also told reporters frankly, there will be some single market, if businesses to purchase items, they will be shipped, but the amount is very small, not exceeding 3%.

The personage inside course of study also revealed many "original product" on the market, the production process, some plants will take reservations, and their cooperation through foreign trade shop or Taobao shop, choose the popular styles of reservation, to a certain number, the factory will close to the fabric production, and in this way, "foreign trade" has emerged, but these are a number of small factories.

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